Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More photos!

Monday, July 14, 2014


Here are the photos you've been waiting for!  Students have been getting creative on the ship, learning how to sail, had a visit to a museum on Nantucket, and went to the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown. 

More Trip 2 updates!

Day 2 Whales Watching in Provincetown
After surviving to our first “anchor watch” all of us woke up full of energy…
-Yeah, all right!-
This is true is that everyone, except for the crew and the captain were sleepy; but after an enjoyable breakfast prepared by the best ship’s cook (Michael de la Cruz), we started to recharge our energies and were ready to dock in Provincetown Harbor.
At noon, we took another boat on a whale watch. We were lucky because we saw 34 Humpback whales, 3 Right whales, a Basking shark and a gray seal. At the end of the day, when we came back to the Lady Maryland for dinner, some friendly fishermen gave us an enormous bag full of mussels that we devoured the next day.

Day 3 Happy B-Day
The beginning of the day was nice and happy because the first thing we did when we woke up was to sing “Happy Birthday” to our good friend Justin, who was just turning 14. It was easy to tell that he was very happy with the surprise because he had a big smile from ear to ear. During the day, we also had the chance to eat some delicious cupcakes because of the festivity. However, before this, there was much work to do since we sailed back across the Cape Cod Canal and further to a private island.

Day 4 Shower and Squid Ink
-Yeeeees, finally a shower!... Well, something like that.

Very early in the morning we went to the closest beach on the island next to the anchored Lady Maryland. There, the students took samples of water looking for fishes, crustaceans, mollusks, etc. to study the kind of species that can be found in the intertidal zone. Just before coming back to the ship, we washed our hair with Dawn dish soap, which left us with a delicious spring roses smell. That day we sailed to Nantucket, where we spent the night anchored. In the evening, the captain taught the students how to dissect a squid and how to use its ink for making a beautiful surprise to their families. Wait for it! J

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Trip 2 Update

Whales students are having a great time in New England and Long Island Sound! Over the past few days they have been on a great whale watch in Cape Cod Bay, seeing near record numbers of whales, anchored off a gorgeous island where they had some time on the beach and identified fish, and even got to visit Nantucket! We hope to to upload photos of all the fun very soon!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Whales Trip 2
Day 0
We had a very emotional goodbye with our friends of the C-bay group. The kids that went on land the first half of the program succeded in building strong friendships in just 8 days. We all were very sad because we will not see each other again until the last day of the course. However, we also were very excited for beginning a new and amazing adventure. None of us have ever lived on a ship before and that is one of the main reasons the majority of the students chose this summer program. 
The adventure started sooner that what we had planned because we were a little late for our flight and we had to run across all the airport to get to the boarding gate just some seconds before they closed. With a great demonstration of team work, we made it!
The flight lasted only 50 minutes and after landing and taking our luggage, we went to our first destination: The Massachusetts Maritime Academy. There we met our teammates of Whales Trip 1 and spent a nice evening hearing about what both groups had learned until now.
Day 1
We had breakfast in the cafeteria of the school where we stayed and played football/soccer for a while before saying goodbye to the Whales Trip 1. When we got to the "Lady Maryland", the crew welcomed us and explained the rules and how to work while sailing. Since the kids have built a tight-knit group, they did not have troubles learning about sailing. Therefore, they were making knots,  coiling ropes, raising sails and navigating the ship.
In the evening we arrived to Provincetown coast and we anchored the Lady Maryland there. The captain explained to us that since we were anchored, we had to take turns to do guards and watch that everything was in order at night. This is called the anchored watch.

Trip 1 Final Post

The trip 1 students are back in Baltimore, starting up the land-based portion of their course. Yesterday we woke up at the Massachussetts Marine Academy where we toured the T.S. Kennedy and got a glimpse into the lives of students there and life on such a large vessel. We then flew from Providence, RI into BWI where we cleaned up and got reaquainted to campus. We all had such an amazing journey - sailing up the east coast, learning so much about whales, estuaries, and life at sea. I'm sure this will be one of the most formative experiences in their young adult lives!

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014 ( Trip 1, Day 8)

The end of our voyage is near - today is our last full day at sea! We had a blast in Provincetown and enjoyed the chance to stretch our legs but today has been great back on the water. Crossing over Cape Cod Bay was bumpy and chilly but warm hot chocolate and a whale sighting from Lady Maryland herself made for an exciting morning. This afternoon, now sunny and beautiful, culminated in the 'Schooner Olympics', a friendly competition between the port and starboard watches (which have rotated between lessons and boat duties throughout the trip). We had fun racing to coil lines, tie knots, relay to identify lines ( basically all the many many ropes on the ship), and put our navigation knowledge to the test. As the trip winds down, the students will present their research question projects to each other and the entire crew and we will have one final night in our bunks!