Tuesday, July 26, 2016

CTY Whales Trip 1| session 2 | Day 8-9 : The unforgettable trip

Last two days of this trip... what a awesome voyage has been. We have learned a lot and it has been a grateful experience. The teamwork that was build in to each of us showed each other the key to success. We learned a lot. We got to see whales again , we got to fish and we got to share and learned not only about the sea but of each other and the life of a sailor of the Lady Maryland. Finally we got to Salem... This will be the unforgettable trip of each other.This ten words describe the feeling of each one of us on this trip.


Preparing to haul the fishing net 
The fishing net 
Raising the jib sail 
Preparing boat checks
Learning about the species that we caught 
Look out for boats and other harmful things.
Sand dollars 
We caught a flounder 
We got the opportunity to whale watch in the lady Maryland 
Final day swimming right beside the boat 
Thanks to the whole crew you made this experience valuable and grateful 

CTY Whales Trip 1 | session 2 | Day 7: Sails to great seas

And off we go to Salem ! It's so amazing the feel of sailing. To know that you're not causing any type of polution in the sea , no type of gas emissions and the fun of using the sails to guide your way through the sea. Feels awesome! Our morning was jam packed of action. We woke up , had breakfast, washed  the dishes and started our sailor routine. We raise the heavy anchor , pulled as a team the heavy sails up and started to learn navigation techniques. We even got the chance to steer the boat !! While a group was working with the sailing part , the other part was learning of and hunting plankton . The educators showed us the importance of plankton in the food chain and that those little crablike planktons were called "Porcelain Crabs". The crew helped us learn how to grab your excess rope and turn it in to a "Coil". This helps organize the rope and prevent it from tangling. Our day become night and we prepared to eat and drop off the anchor. We anchored on the end of the Cape Cod Canal. It's so sad that we are so close to our destination. Tomorrow we hope the sea,sun and wind is on our favor. 
 Porcelain Crabs 

One of the crew members teaching us how to do a Coil
Learning how to do a valentine coil .
The girls doing a excellent job coiling 
Rolling the fire hose after cleaning all the mud in the anchor 
David working as the captain, leading us to Salem . 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

CTY Whales Trip 1 | Session 2 | Day 6 : Whales, whales whales!!!!

It was a rainy night but the morning was perfect. The sun was shining and the sky was clear. We woke up exited despite the rainy night. This was because our educators told us that we were going to see whales . Finally ! All that information that we learned on whales , set to practice. We had breakfast and after the amazing breakfast we started doing our favorite activity in the boat "washing the dishes".  Our Educators wanted us to get to know a little more about the whales before the whales watch trip, so they decided to give us a small introduction on science of the whales and why do we find them where we are going. The trip was long. We arrived to Playmouth Massachusets a historical port. They had a life size replica of the Mayflower,this was the boat that the pilgrims used to get to America. We embarked on a awesome adventure to the deep sea in a huge boat used to do whale watches. The trip was like a hour and it was so boring until we saw our first whale. We got so exited, our R.A. freaked out and our educators wanted to take the whale back home . They were so big and beautiful. We gasped as we saw those big gazers of water coming out of their blow holes. We never thought that they were such huge animals. The whales that we got to see were humpback whales. They were so intelligent and charismatic with the people on the boat. As they showed us how they dived in the water we could see  there huge tails and after this, big ponds of still and foamy water called fluke prints. It was a incredible experience and many of us can't describe how awesome it was. After this great adventure we got to the Lady Maryland and rested for the next day while the crew got ready to sail. Our trip is ending, of we go to Salem!!. 
Learning of different species of whales 
A Fluke Print of a humpback whale 
Photos from the humpback whale watch 

CTY Whales Trip 1 | Session 2| Day 5 : A Deep Sea investigation

What an amazing morning with the sun and wind at our favor. After breakfast we took advantage of the weather and with our Educators we started doing science. We started doing water quality checks. Chemistry in a boat what more can you ask !. It was a fun experience to see how people can determine under different chemicals and instruments the water quality. As our research day kept going we visited one of the most important oceanic research places in the world . Woods Hole Oceanography Institute. There we took a guided tour around Woods Hole. It was so awesome that our R.A. couldn't stop taking photos . We met the Atlantis and Alvin. The Atlantis is a huge and espectacular oceanic research boat (not as cool as the Lady Maryland) that carries different research gadgets and most importantly "Alvin" the "little" submersible . Thanks to Alvin we have pictures and models of the hydrothermal vents in the darkest places of the sea and the shipwreck of the Titanic. After a accelerating  day of wonders of research ,we visited the aquarium in woods hole to view the different species of under water creatures that they had. We learned the importance of respecting their habitats. Finally we ended our day viewing how the staff at the aquarium fed the Cute Harbor Seals that they had there. They looked like really athletic water dogs. The harbor seals gave us a cool show jumping by hoops and clapping. Definitely it was a day full of knowledge and a hole lot of fun. Can wait to tomorrow. 

Working science in the boat;doing water quality test. 
Getting ready for Woods Hole guided tour
A photo with the famous scrap man called "Neptune"
Behind the great oceanographic research ship called "Atlantis" and with him, "Alvin" the oldest and most important research submersible in the world. 
Alvin's old capsule . This capsule is made to fit 3 scientists 
A look to Martha's Vineyard 
Life scale model of Alvins capsule
Visit to the famous Woods Hole Aquarium 

At the end of the day we saw how the staff of the aquarium fed the Harbor Seals. Also the Harbor Seals gave us an amazing show.