Tuesday, August 4, 2015

CTY Whales 4: Adventures Ashore!

As we landed in New Bedford, the Lady Maryland crew had the opportunity to explore the New Bedford Whaling Museum. We had the privilege to see  (and smell!) a national treasure in the most complete whale skeleton in the U.S. In the museum we were also able to see a half sized replica of the Lagota, an old whaling vessel. After personalizing our very own scrimshaw during the transit to New Bedford, we were able to see the largest scrimshaw collection in the country!

Then we sailed to Woods Hole, MA where we started the day off by heading on a dock tour of the research vessel, Knorr as well as Alvin, the submarine that was used to search for the Titanic. We learned that the U.S. Navy actually commissioned Alvin to find two submarines under a cover story of looking for the Titanic. The research team was able to find the submarines so quickly that they used their leftover time to actually find the Titanic! Later on we were able to see the REMUS, a great white shark tracker. We saw footage of a REMUS being attacked by the shark it was tracking, and then we saw the robot itself in the exhibition center where we were able to feel its battle scars. 

To top off the day, Captain Sarah treated the crew to ice cream and a fun game of kickball!

The next day the cadets gave tours of the Pungy schooner to another talented youth camp. Later they went on a scavenger hunt around Woods Hole which wrapped up with a visit to the aquarium where they were able to see the feeding of seals.

Finally, the Lady Maryland set sail once again and is now anchored near Martha's Vineyard and the cadets are looking forward to a great last full day at sea!

Our life sized lobster from the scavenger hunt!
NOAA scientists spotted by our cadets!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

CTY Whales 4: Summertime Sailing

Wow! The cadets of the Lady Maryland are certainly becoming salty sailors after two full days at sea! Over the past few days we have sailed from Salem Harbor to an anchorage near Plymouth, from Plymouth, through the Cape Cod Canal to an anchorage in Nasketucket Bay and finally from Naketucket Bay to New Bedford, MA.

During the trip we learned a lot more about sailing and all of the different parts of the boat. We also got to go fishing using a trawling net! We caught a bunch of cool sea critters which we worked together to identify. We caught two mantis shrimp, a couple of crabs, some squids and a lot of fish! We also got to go swimming in the bay a couple of times. One time, after we got out of the water, we saw a harbor seal swimming near the boat!

We can't wait to see what new adventures await us in New Bedford and beyond!

Two of our cadets studying the mantis shrimp we caught
Two of our cadets checking out the small fish we caught
Three of our cadets examining the squid we caught
Two of our cadets looking at the crabs we caught

Friday, July 31, 2015

CTY Whales 4: Salem

Today, the Lady Maryland's crew's day began docked in Salem Harbor in Salem MA. This morning we got to explore Salem's oldest cemetery, the second oldest cemetery in the country! After that we were able to tour a ship called Friendship of Salem, a replica of a merchant ship from the early 1800's!

We spent the afternoon sailing from Salem Harbor to an anchorage near Plymouth, where the pilgrims first settled when coming to the new world! During the sail, the cadets were able to take command of the Lady Maryland. We got to steer her, plot our course and stand lookout! We had very pretty weather, it was great for sailing! One of our cadets', A's favorite part of the day was learning new things about the ship and steering the Lady Maryland herself!

Our cadets in front of the Friendship of Salem!

Standing near the helm of the Friendship of Salem with Scientist Tiger!

CTY Whales 3 Provincetown

Yesterday we visited another Cape Cod destination called Provincetown-- also known as PTown. It was the city where the settlers originally landed, but only for a short time. During our visit we attentended a fascinating lecture on Whale Entanglement and climbed the 225 ft Pilgrim Monument. Whew came back to the Lady Maryland for or a delicious pizza meal, and ended our day with a surprise adventure to delicious ice cream!

Today we set sail for Glouster MA and on our way spotted two whales! We learned a lot about navigation today and had a surprise man overboard safety drill. The students are finalizing their main projects and will present them tonight after Schooner Olympics!
We love learning !
Coiling a Balentine 
Some serious sailors!
 We love ice cream!

Whale entanglement lecture

Saturday, July 25, 2015

CTY Whales 3 Woods Hole and Sea

Yesterday the crew explored the wonderful town of Woods Hole located on Cape Cod. There were so many interesting points in this town! First we heard an insightful lecture by Nick, who is both a scientist and a sailor. He told us he details of the problems involved with plastic in the ocean. The cadets got an insider tour of the Woods Hole Oceaographic Institute. We learned about the REMUS device which scans he bottom of he ocean floor collecting valuable data. Cadets also got to see the ALVIN, which was te original device to discover the Titanic!

After learning lots about Marine life, we went to the local aquarium where we saw many interesting fish, and even a seal feeding. The students enjoyed an exciting Scavenger Hunt throughout the town toward the end of the afternoon. 

Today we spent a full day at sea where our knowledge of sailing, navigation, lines, and everything that goes with it was solidified in our brains! Now the crew is more comfortable on boat language and the necessity of each line and knot. Today the cadets also became plotting experts as they yet used heir longitudinal and latitudinal skills! Here are some recent picks:
The ALVIN which discovered Titanic


Aquarium time!

Scavenger Hunt

Talking with scientists !!!
Washing dishes is one of our favorite tasks 

Now is knot the time:)

Setting the Awning,

Thursday, July 23, 2015

CTY Whale Session 3 New Bedford

This morning after a delicious pancake breakfast we set off for New Bedford. After learning about water quality and whale life this morning the students headed ashore for the first time in four days to visit the New Bedford Whale Museum. The cadets learned a lot about harpooning and how it affected both the culture and he environment of the 1800s. Also, today Johnny led the cadets in a lesson on mechanics.
We are excited about the museum!!!!

Johnny teaching

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

CTY Whales 3 Fun at Sea

Well it's been another wonderful day here at sea as we sailed in to the Bay near Haverford. The cadets gained more knowledge and hands on experience on how the sail boat works. Many of them are excelling at tying knots, finding lines, and steering the helm. Today we through out the troll net again and caught two flatfish. We learned about many different estuaries and water related ecosystems and also took a sample of live plankton which we later viewed under a microscope. Today's was full of learning!

I asked each student to come up with one unique word to describe their journey so far, and this is how they replied:

Here's some eventful photos!
Steering the helm
Our delicious food!
Setting the troll net
Milkshake break!